What is a story?

A story can be a moment, a day, a year, a life, a generation or stretch over centuries, across time and space.

A story is limitless.

The problem when dealing with something limitless is that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to put the punctuation mark.

Questions like: What is it about my story that is the most intriguing? What is it that I want to express with it? What, really, is the plot? Are there twists and turns or are the turns too twisty? Is my main character engaging enough? Is my dialogue too talky and when exactly is a good time for jumping that shark I’ve heard so much about? – these questions are all important to ask and may seem impossible to answer. Except that last one. To which the prompt answer is never – you will get your story killed.

So, that said, here are The Three Things that are the most important to remember when asking questions about your story:

First Thingthe answers your are seeking are as unique as what you are creating,

Second Thingthis means the answer has to come from you,

Third Thingfor them to come from you, you have to understand your story.

Being a storyteller is a craft, whether you tell stories by writing them, painting them, photographing them, filming them, dancing them or building them out of stuffed mice. You have to understand the fundamentals. When it comes to all things creative: learn the basics and you will be a God in your own right. You will build from the ground up and be a creator of universes.

Sounds grand, no?


For Stories is the home of a writer. She shares her thoughts, her epiphanies and insights, her tastes, preferred reading and, above all, her most useful writing advice on her blog.



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