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  • are interested in hiring an experienced screenwriter on commission –

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Short Stories



Short Scripts

Decisions/Drama/3 pages

 In her flat a woman gets herself all dolled up for what turns out to be a night in, eating dinner by herself, only all is not what it seems and there is a second meaning to each of her decisions.

The Birch/Drama/10 pages

 Around a mighty old birch, standing in a public park, a sunny day transpires, but as it soon turns out there is more to this tranquil spot than first meets the eye.

Center/Drama/Feelgood/4 pages

 A line dancer stretches his wire between two buildings; a man is collecting unwanted furniture and discards off the curb onto the back of his truck; a woman just out of the shower spots the line dancer outside her window at the wrong moment – he falls; but then…

Seaming/Drama/Feelgood/10 pages

 A seamstress falls in love with a regular client, sewing his shirts with care, dreaming about the possibilities with each stitch. A young woman wants her to sew her wedding dress and the seamstress’ dreams grow stronger until the dress is nearly finished and the young woman comes for a final fitting. Only she brings her fiancée – the regular client. The seamstress cries over the last stitches of the wedding dress. Is fate merely cruel, or does it weave a pattern all its own?


Produced Shorts


Feature Scripts

The Room on the Third Floor (Rummet på Tredje Våningen

Ghost story/Horror/4 page synopsis available

Six months pregnant a woman moves into her family’s old estate to deal with unsettling events in her past, only to find that those unsettling events may be anchored in the disturbing occurrences beginning to manifest in the dilapidated house, seemingly stemming from the closed off rooms on the third floor.

Gråskalor/Drama/95 sidor

Linn och Daniel har ett kärleksfullt förhållande, men när Linn blir våldtagen förändras deras tillvaro då de båda tacklar krisen de försätts i på vitt skilda sätt. Frågan är om de kan ta sig igenom den tillsammans, eller om den kommer driva isär dem tills ingenting finns kvar av det som en gång var dem.

Scarecrow/Horror/89 pages

Once upon a time there lived a man of fiercest kind. He stripped himself of memories and left the world behind. He became a monster and a shadow and a slave, because the blood thirst chased him until he was in his grave. This story may seem strange to you, but I swear it isn’t fake. So if you ever pass the spot – step softly, or he’ll wake.


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