Curriculum Vitae

Annelie’s Curriculum Vitae



Annelie Widholm has eleven years experience as a screenwriter, producing works both in English and Swedish.

As a screenwriter Annelie contributes with her comprehensive understanding of:
• Screenplay structure
• The correlation between character, plot and setting
• Dialogue and how to use it (or not use it)
• Visual metaphors
• Emotional subtext

Annelie has been writing in a professional setting for the past two years as part of a writing team, working on a TV-series for the Stockholm based production company Harmonica Films.
Annelie enjoys writing in all genres and has completed several short screenplays as well as features.

As a script consultant Annelie contributes with:
• Her knowledge of screenwriting
• Her objectivity
• Her keen eye for original intent
• A short or extensive written analysis of the script in its current form
• The right set of questions to take the script to the next level*

*It is imperative that it’s the screenwriter who finds the answers to these questions and motivates for him- or herself why the chosen path is the right one when editing.

Annelie understands the pitfalls of communication and the importance of getting your company’s message across without any interference. She will help you create appropriate:
• Website content
• Company blog
• Newsletters
• Company related articles
• Social media profiling

Screenwriter, Script consultant, Writer, Communications manager, Social Media, Blogger




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